How to Attract New Swim Spa Leads on Demand

How we got 195 new people interested in swim spas

Swim spa marketing done right

Like most spa retailers, I'm looking to sell more swim spas. We all are.

They're the hottest new market in the swimming and hot tub industry.

And we've seen how good those swim spa margins are.

So how do we got about marketing swim spas effectively?

The problem we face in our local area is that most people don't know what swim spas are.

At best they have some vague idea, they MAY have seen a picture of one once, but their knowledge ends there.

So there is a lot of education involved in selling a swim spa.

It's not like hot tub marketing, where everyone is familiar with hot tubs at this point - it's not the 1970s anymore!

All you have to do to sell hot tubs is put out the right bait to attract hot tub buyers, but swim spas take a more nuanced approach.

The reality is that most swim spa buyers don't KNOW that they're swim spa buyers yet. They haven't even been introduced to the idea properly yet.

So when we were coming up with our swim spa marketing strategy, we based everything around people getting interested in swim spas using Facebook ads.

The swim spa marketing strategy

Here's what we did.

First we used a swim spa buyer's guide from our manufacturer. We sell Hydropool swim spas, although there are other great brands out there.

At some point I'll probably create a swim spa buyer's guide with our own branding but at this point, I was looking to test the strategy first.

Once I had the PDF buyer's guide, I set up a simple form inside of Facebook called a Lead Form.

I often use a dedicated web page for all of my pool and hot tub marketing but again, for a quick test, I used Facebook lead forms.

Lead forms act like mini-pages you can use to capture people's information and they are very easy to set up in a Facebook ad.

So I created  a simple Facebook lead form ad introducing people to some of the main selling features of swim spas.

Then we directed people to sign up to get their copy of the swim spa buyer's guide.

Then it was a matter of syncing everything up, so that when someone clicks on the ad and fills out their info, they get an automatic email to send them the PDF.

The results of our swim spa marketing campaign

Here were the results of our Facebook ads

swim spa leads example

All in all, we got 195 people interested in swim spas as a result of our ads.

Are they all buyers? Of course not. But what we wanted was to identify people who are interested in the idea of swim spas.

Because of our specialized Facebook ad targeting, we had a pretty good chance of reaching people who are homeowners with money.

You can do this by really dialing in the neighbourhoods that can afford these lifestyle items like hot tubs and swim spas.

The followup process

From there, we couldn't just deliver the swim spa buyer's guide and just leave it at that.

We need some other content to help them through the buying process.

That's why we created a followup sequence to get people engaged in a conversation.

We send them a bunch of email campaigns in the following weeks around the most common questions regarding swim spas.

And it worked! We got a lot of response.

For people who don't know much about swim spas, of course the first question everyone asks is how much they cost.

Most people don't know what they don't know, so that's all the can ask.

That's when the real conversation begins and we are ready to start selling.

To give full disclosure, we got some initial results, but we haven't cracked the code on the followup content yet.

To be clear, I'm not saying we got no results. We definitely made some swim spa deals. But I'm not comfortable sharing that process until I have it completely dialed in.

But when we do, I'll share that process as well.

For now, I have 195 people I can market to over and over again about buying a swim spa.

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